Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Window on Eurasia: Virtually All Daghestani Media Outlets Now Have Online Versions

Paul Goble

Staunton, May 10 – People throughout Russia and around the world can now follow developments in Daghestan as reported in traditional print and broadcast media online in that North Caucasus republic since virtually all media outlets there maintain frequently updated web sites, according to the Internet columnist for the republic’s “Nastoyashcheye vremya.”

In an article featuring a photograph of four older Daghestani women looking at a laptop computer, Bagdat Tumalayev who writes frequently on Internet issues in the North Caucasus provides a comprehensive listing of the traditional media outlets that have their own websites (gazeta-nv.ru/content/view/6002/109/).

As is the case elsewhere, such sites may be the salvation of some traditional media outlets by attracting more readers, listeners or viewers, of they may represent the death knell for others by causing people to stop reading, listening or viewing them. But the extent of such online media in the regions means Moscow will likely find it ever more difficult to control the flow of news.

Below the list of the sites Tumalayev offers.

Daghestani newspapers online:

Gazeta-nv.ru “Nastoyashcheye vremya” weekly

Ndelo.ru “Novoye delo” weekly

Dagpravda.ru “Dagestanskaya Pravda” daily

respublic.net “Respublika” weekly

chernovik.net “Chernovik” weekly

mi-dag.ru “Makhachkalionskiye izvestiya” daily

assalam.ru Newspaper of Muslim Spiritual Directorate (MSD) of Daghestan

dagstadion.narod.ru “Stadium” sports newspaper

dagorlenok.ru “Orlenok Dagstana” youth newspaper

tryjenik.3dn.ru “Selsky truzhennik,” a regional paper

proji.ru “Prodzhi” features journal

dmdag.ru “Delovoy mir Dagestana”

Башня05.рф “Bashnya,” a youth newspaper with its own Facebook page

garage05.ru “Garage,” an automobile magazine

stpartner05.ru “Stroipartner,” a construction industry paper with a guide to firms in Daghestan

Television Sites:

gtrkdagestan.ru Daghestan state television

rutvstar.ru RuTV channel

tvchirkey.ru Daghestani Islamic television channel

tvdrk.ru Makhachkala advertising channel

mtv-stolica.ru MTV youth channel

Radio Sites:

radio-stolica.ru Stolitsa Radio site– сайт модного дагестанского радио «Столица».

mediaholding-stolica.ru Radio aggregator site

dagfm.ru Volna media group site

99fm.ru Kristall radio site

News Service Sites:

Riadagestan.ru RIA Dagestan news service

dagnews.com Independent analytic service

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